Commit 90c9a291 authored by Burlen Loring's avatar Burlen Loring
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vtkweb: buffering issue

the launched app signals he is ready to receive incoming http reqs
by writing a "ready_line" into the log. the launcher reads the log
scanning for this ready line. Buffering can prevent this from
happening so trun off buffering on the log file.

Change-Id: I26ede8d7e1518f9ed9c90bf836fdf1596e05fae1
parent 958219ca
......@@ -291,13 +291,13 @@ class ProcessManager(object):
# Create output log file
logFilePath = self._getLogFilePath(session['id'])
with open(logFilePath, "a+") as log_file:
with open(logFilePath, "a+", 0) as log_file:
proc = subprocess.Popen(session['cmd'], stdout=log_file, stderr=log_file)
self.processes[session['id']] = proc
logging.error("The command line failed")
logging.error(''.join(map(str, session['cmd'])))
logging.error(' '.join(map(str, session['cmd'])))
return None
return proc
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