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ENH:Some reminders

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Notes on usage of LEX and YACC to generate VTK parse files
1. vtkParse.l is edited as necessary
2. LEX is run (on an SGI Irix 6.4 on 1/14/00 by W. Schroeder): lex vtkParse.l
3. LEX spits out lex.yy.c
4. Manually edit lex.yy.c:
The line:
FILE *yyin = {stdin}, *yyout = {stdout};
should be changed to:
FILE *yyin, *yyout;
1. vtkParse.y is edited as necessary
2. yacc is run: "yacc -b vtkParse vtkParse.y" and spits out
(Note: yacc was run RedHat Linux 5.2 1/14/00 by W. Schroeder)
3. Build vtkHTML.exe, vtkWrapTcl.exe, vtkParseJava.exe,vtkWrapJava.exe,
vtkWrapPython.exe on the PC and check them in.
4. Check in vtkParse.l, lex.yy.c, vtkParse.y,
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