Commit 727a25eb authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

SetupForDevelopment: Remove topic stage

The topic stage has been replaced by direct use of Gerrit Code Review.

Change-Id: I99d48a5bf5127e64384b8c6f61768a3429f79776
parent 9c85bf77
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Run this script to set up the topic stage for pushing changes.
die() {
echo 'Failure during topic stage setup.' 1>&2
echo '---------------------------------' 1>&2
echo '' 1>&2
echo "$@" 1>&2
exit 1
# Centralize project variables for each script
# Make sure we are inside the repository.
cd "$(echo "$0"|sed 's/[^/]*$//')"
if git config remote.stage.url >/dev/null; then
echo "Topic stage remote was already configured."
echo "Configuring the topic stage remote..."
git remote add stage git://${projectUrl}/stage/${project}.git || \
die "Could not add the topic stage remote."
git config remote.stage.pushurl git@${projectUrl}:stage/${project}.git
read -ep "Do you want to test push access for ${project}? [y/N]: " access
if [ "$access" == "y" ] || [ "$access" == "Y" ]; then
echo "Configuring push urls..."
if [ "`git config remote.origin.url`" == "git://${projectUrl}/${project}.git" ]; then
git config remote.origin.pushurl git@${projectUrl}:${project}.git
echo "Testing ssh capabilities..."
git ls-remote git@${projectUrl}:stage/${project}.git refs/heads/master || \
die "SSH test to git@${projectUrl} failed. You may need to request access at:
Note that push access to the stage/${project} is separate to Gerrit.
echo "Test successful! ${project} push access confirmed. Summary of project access:"
# This command queries gitolite for your access privileges
ssh git@${projectUrl} info
echo "Done."
......@@ -35,10 +35,6 @@ echo "Setting up git hooks..."
./ || exit 1
echo "Setting up the topic stage..."
./ || exit 1
echo "Setting up git aliases..."
./ || exit 1
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