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Merge topic 'fix-documentation-bug-0006202' into master

d3598faa fix bug 0006202
parents 517fc220 d3598faa
......@@ -70,15 +70,20 @@ public:
// Get the normalized orientation vector of the projector.
// Description:
// Set/Get the up vector of the projector.
// Description:
// Set/Get the aspect ratio of a perpendicular cross-section of the
// the projector's frustum. The aspect ratio consists of three
// numbers: (x, y, z), where x is the width of the
// frustum, y is the height, and z is the perpendicular
// distance from the focus of the projector.
// For example, if the source of the image is a pinhole camera with
// view angle A, then you could set x=1, y=1, z=1/tan(A).
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