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Remove an obsolete comment from README_WRAP.

It has been possible to call help() on instances of VTK classes ever
since new-style classes were provided by the wrappers.
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Notes on the Python Wrappers for VTK
First version by David Gobbi: Dec 19, 2002
Last update was on Aug 30, 2015
Last update was on Feb 10, 2016
......@@ -197,11 +197,6 @@ from the built-in "docstrings":
>>> help(vtk.vtkActor.SetUserTransform)
[ lots of info printed, try it yourself ]
If you have an object, rather than a class, you must call help()
on the __class__ atribute of the object:
>>> help(a.__class__)
For the method documentation, all the different 'signatures' for the
method are given in Python format and the original C++ format:
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