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This directory contains the new interface to the VTK Python modules.
This code hopefully doesn't break any existing code so you can
continue using and others. Have no fear, we plan to keep
things backwards compatible in the future.
This code is all experimental and still needs testing. So please
don't use this for production code. Things might change and files
removed/renamed/re-organized. However, this code needs testing so
please do check it out and give us feedback at
First, you will need to have the vtk_src_root/Wrapping/Python in
your PYTHONPATH. Normal users will just do
import vtk
# or
from vtk import *
and all the available 'kits' will be loaded - just like with
vtkpython. The name of the kits is available in the kits variable.
import vtk
print vtk.kits
If the user specifically wants just the classes from say the Common
directory imported the user does:
import vtk.common
All the kit names are in lowercase. This is similar to the way in
which the Tcl packages are split. Similarly classes specifically in
other kits can be loaded by using the appropriate kit name. The
problem with this is that when you import vtk.common, the vtk
namespace will still have all the kits loaded inside it. Its just
that vtk.common will have only the classes from the Common
directory. If folks object to this behaviour things might change in
the future.
Valid Kit names:
Required Kits:
common, filtering, io, imaging and graphics.
These are the required kits that you must have to use VTK. You
can import all of them using the required module like so:
from vtk.required import *
You should have all the required kits in your namespace. If any
of them is not importable you *will* get an ImportError.
Optional Kits:
rendering, hybrid, patented and parallel:
These are the optional kits. Unlike the Tcl packages importing
these kits *will not* import all the reqiuired kits in as well.
For the rationale behind this please read this mail and also the
thread here:
If you don't have a particular optional kit then Python will not
raise an exception when importing vtk, but if you try loading it
directlly like so:
import vtk.parallel
Then you will receive an import error if there was one. Also, if
the module exists but there are linking errors you will get a
LinkError exception.
The testing directory isnt populated yet but will soon have code
that will be useful for testing the VTK Python modules.
The name for the widget/interaction package directory hasn't been
decided yet but this directory will have the special TkWidgets
(RenderWidget, ImageWidget etc.), GTK Widgets and other relavant
modules. This is still subject to discussion.
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