Commit 4ea5a7c1 authored by Ken Martin's avatar Ken Martin
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Fix for the case when there is nothing to draw

Change-Id: I2c16c8d2a5550d1b6dd5c80002b55a0faf91cb74
parent d24fcf92
......@@ -493,6 +493,14 @@ void vtkDepthPeelingPass::Render(const vtkRenderState *s)
else // if we drew nothing we are done
// if we drew nothing on the very first frame we still
// need a valid texture to blend with so copy it
if (peelCount == 1)
this->TranslucentRGBATexture->CopyFromFrameBuffer(this->ViewportX, this->ViewportY,
this->ViewportX, this->ViewportY,
this->ViewportWidth, this->ViewportHeight);
done = true;
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