Commit 47bd9e8d authored by Burlen Loring's avatar Burlen Loring
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vtkweb: connect to existing session issue

when passing name=value pairs into vtkWeb.smartConnect via
location URL, value's need to be encoded/decoded to handle the
case when they contain some special chars, eg. ?,&,=. This
occurs in particular when passing  sessionURL, whose value
contains ? and =.

Change-Id: I5027857658609727f3a7230faaab68bc9c02d609
parent 90c9a291
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@
udpateConnectionFromURL = function(connection) {
var params = extractURLParameters();
for(var key in params) {
connection[key] = params[key];
connection[key] = decodeURIComponent(params[key]);
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