Commit 3c2603db authored by Burlen Loring's avatar Burlen Loring Committed by Code Review
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Merge topic 'amd-radeon-hd-depth-peeling' into master

8f4f5602 Cleanup warning of shadow variable in vtkDepthPeelingPass
parents f76cf155 8f4f5602
......@@ -399,8 +399,6 @@ void vtkDepthPeelingPass::Render(const vtkRenderState *s)
if(l>1) // some higher layer, we allocated some tex unit in RenderPeel()
vtkOpenGLRenderWindow *context
= vtkOpenGLRenderWindow::SafeDownCast(this->Prog->GetContext());
vtkTextureUnitManager *m=context->GetTextureUnitManager();
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