Commit 3163ad2e authored by Mathieu Malaterre's avatar Mathieu Malaterre
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ENH: Remove debug

parent 136bcb9c
......@@ -309,10 +309,6 @@ class QVTKRenderWindowInteractor(qt.QWidget):
def foo(obj, event):
print event
print obj.GetRepeatCount()
def QVTKRenderWidgetConeExample():
"""A simple example that uses the QVTKRenderWindowInteractor
class. """
......@@ -326,7 +322,6 @@ def QVTKRenderWidgetConeExample():
# if you dont want the 'q' key to exit comment this.
widget.AddObserver("ExitEvent", lambda o, e, a=app: a.quit())
widget.AddObserver("LeftButtonPressEvent", foo)
ren = vtk.vtkRenderer()
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