Commit 307b89d8 authored by Dave Partyka's avatar Dave Partyka

ENH: add tests for constants that vtkWin32VideoSource uses.

parent 044b2613
......@@ -29,6 +29,12 @@ int main()
// capDriverGetCaps
// capCaptureGetSetup
// capCaptureSetSetup
// test if constants used in vtkWin32VideoSource exist.
int controlcallback_preroll = CONTROLCALLBACK_PREROLL;
int controlcallback_capturing = CONTROLCALLBACK_CAPTURING;
int ids_begin = IDS_CAP_BEGIN;
int ids_cap_end = IDS_CAP_END;
int avstreammaster = AVSTREAMMASTER_NONE;
capSetUserData(internal.CapWnd, &internal);
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