Commit 2f167e31 authored by Will Schroeder's avatar Will Schroeder
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ENH: Added column extraction.

parent f968765c
......@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ public:
float GetComponent(int i, int j);
void SetComponent(int i, int j, float v);
void AddComponent(int i, int j, float v);
float *GetColumn(int j);
void operator=(float *t);
void operator=(vtkTensor &t);
operator float*() {return this->T;};
......@@ -122,4 +123,11 @@ inline void vtkTensor::operator=(vtkTensor &t)
this->T[i+this->Dimension*j] = t.T[i+this->Dimension*j];
// Description:
// Return column vector from tensor. (Assumes 2D matrix form). 0-offset.
inline float *vtkTensor::GetColumn(int j)
return this->T + this->Dimension*j;
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