Commit 2d32efee authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

Remove manual change history from README.html

We have version control so this manual history is unnecessary.

Change-Id: Ia1e8d06173546924718bcf503b0ec14b9395aea5
parent 00105ffe
<title>VTK README</title>
<!-- Created by: will schroeder, July-1997 -->
<!-- Changed by: kenneth m martin, 5-Jun-1998 -->
<!-- Changed by: will schroeder, 30-Dec-2000 -->
<!-- Changed by: Bill Hoffman, 15-Jun-2000 -->
<!-- Changed by: will schroeder, 5-Dec-2001 -->
<!-- Changed by: will schroeder, 17-Jan-2003 -->
<!-- Changed by: Prabhu Ramachandran, 6-Feb-2003 -->
<!-- Changed by: will schroeder, 11-Aug-2004 -->
<!-- Changed by: Brad King, 25-Aug-2005 -->
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