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COMP: Try to fix Borland compile

STYLE: Document process for updating to new NetCDF release.
parent bcc23b4a
......@@ -10,4 +10,43 @@ The only differences to the vendor's release are:
- Tabs aren't allowed by VTK's CVS checkin scripts, so they
have been converted to spaces.
The trunk of the branch corresponds to the NetCDF 3.6.2 release.
The head of the netcdf-release branch corresponds to the
NetCDF 3.6.2 release.
Instructions for updating to a new NetCDF release:
0. Go to a place where you can have some working directories:
cd /tmp
1. Check out the netcdf-release branch
cvs -d -z3 \
co -r netcdf-release VTK/Utilities/vtknetcdf
2. Download and unpack the latest netcdf release:
tar xzvf netcdf.tar.gz
3. Copy files from the netCDF distribution into the VTK
NetCDF checkout and commit:
cp netcdf-*/libsrc/* vtknetcdf
cp netcdf-*/README vtknetcdf/README.netcdf
cp netcdf-*/RELEASE_NOTES netcdf-*/COPYRIGHT vtknetcdf
cd vtknetcdf
cvs commit -m "ENH: A
You will need to change tabs to spaces before committing.
You may need to cvs add or cvs remove files to track the
NetCDF distribution.
4. Now merge the changes into the trunk:
cvs update -PAd
cvs update -j netcdf-release
5. Take care of any conflicts.
6. Build, test, and commit
7. Listen to the dashboards for problems on other compilers/architectures.
......@@ -664,11 +664,11 @@ static int
px_double_buffer(ncio *const nciop, off_t to, off_t from,
size_t nbytes, int rflags)
ncio_px *const pxp = (ncio_px *)nciop->pvt;
int status = ENOERR;
void *src;
void *dest;
fprintf(stderr, "\tdouble_buffr %ld %ld %ld\n",
......@@ -688,9 +688,9 @@ static int
NCedgeck(const NC *ncp, const NC_var *varp,
const size_t *start, const size_t *edges)
const size_t *const end = start + varp->ndims;
const size_t *shp = varp->shape;
if(varp->ndims == 0)
return NC_NOERR; /* 'scalar' variable */
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