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...@@ -36,10 +36,15 @@ public: ...@@ -36,10 +36,15 @@ public:
// dataset interface // dataset interface
vlDataSet *MakeObject() {return this->PointSet->MakeObject();}; vlDataSet *MakeObject() {return this->PointSet->MakeObject();};
int GetNumberOfCells() {return this->PointSet->GetNumberOfCells();} int GetNumberOfCells() {return this->PointSet->GetNumberOfCells();};
int GetNumberOfPoints() {return this->PointSet->GetNumberOfPoints();} int GetNumberOfPoints() {return this->PointSet->GetNumberOfPoints();};
float *GetPoint(int i) {return this->PointSet->GetPoint(i);} float *GetPoint(int i) {return this->PointSet->GetPoint(i);};
vlCell *GetCell(int cellId) {return this->PointSet->GetCell(cellId);} vlCell *GetCell(int cellId) {return this->PointSet->GetCell(cellId);};
int GetCellType(int cellId) {return this->PointSet->GetCellType(cellId);};
void GetCellPoints(int cellId, vlIdList& ptIds)
{this->PointSet->GetCellPoints(cellId, ptIds);};
void GetPointCells(int ptId, vlIdList& cellIds)
{this->PointSet->GetPointCells(ptId, cellIds);};
void Initialize(); void Initialize();
void ComputeBounds() {this->PointSet->ComputeBounds();}; void ComputeBounds() {this->PointSet->ComputeBounds();};
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