Commit 179864e2 authored by David C. Lonie's avatar David C. Lonie
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Fix vtkDebugLeaks when templated classes are used.

The vtkTypeTemplate uses an RTTI generated name, which breaks
vtkDebugLeaks, which was instantiating using the actual name,
but destroying the RTTI name.

Change-Id: Iac2dc988f72aeb0e54414904199931ec8c58a7de
parent 99101fdf
......@@ -309,8 +309,9 @@ vtkObjectFactory* vtkLoad() \
#elif defined(VTK_DEBUG_LEAKS)
# define VTK_STANDARD_NEW_BODY(thisClass) \
vtkObjectFactory::ConstructInstance(#thisClass); \
return new thisClass;
thisClass *result = new thisClass; \
vtkObjectFactory::ConstructInstance(result->GetClassName()); \
return result;
# define VTK_STANDARD_NEW_BODY(thisClass) \
return new thisClass;
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