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ENH: Initial commit of integrated WindBlade reader.

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......@@ -89,6 +89,7 @@ vtkTransmitRectilinearGridPiece.cxx
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Program: Visualization Toolkit
Module: vtkWindBladeReader.h
Copyright (c) Ken Martin, Will Schroeder, Bill Lorensen
All rights reserved.
See Copyright.txt or for details.
This software is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
PURPOSE. See the above copyright notice for more information.
// .NAME vtkWindBladeReader - class for reading WindBlade data files
// .SECTION Description
// vtkWindBladeReader is a source object that reads WindBlade files
// which are block binary files with tags before and after each block
// giving the number of bytes within the block. The number of data
// variables dumped varies. The data is 3D rectilinear with irregular
// spacing on the Z dimension.
#ifndef __vtkWindBladeReader_h
#define __vtkWindBladeReader_h
#include "vtkStringArray.h"
#include "vtkFloatArray.h"
#include "vtkIntArray.h"
#include "vtkPoints.h"
#include "vtkStructuredGrid.h"
#include "vtkUnstructuredGrid.h"
#include "vtkMultiBlockDataSetAlgorithm.h"
#include "vtkStructuredGridAlgorithm.h"
#define VTK_USE_MPI
const float DRY_AIR_CONSTANT = 287.04;
const int NUM_PART_SIDES = 4; // Blade parts rhombus
const int NUM_BASE_SIDES = 5; // Base pyramid
const int LINE_SIZE = 256;
const int DIMENSION = 3;
const int BYTES_PER_DATA = 4;
const int SCALAR = 1;
const int VECTOR = 2;
const int FLOAT = 1;
const int INTEGER = 2;
class vtkWindBladeReaderPiece;
class vtkDataArraySelection;
class vtkCallbackCommand;
class vtkMultiProcessController;
class VTK_EXPORT vtkWindBladeReader : public vtkStructuredGridAlgorithm
static vtkWindBladeReader *New();
void PrintSelf(ostream& os, vtkIndent indent);
vtkSetVector6Macro(WholeExtent, int);
vtkGetVector6Macro(WholeExtent, int);
vtkSetVector6Macro(SubExtent, int);
vtkGetVector6Macro(SubExtent, int);
// Description:
// Get the reader's output
vtkStructuredGrid *GetFieldOutput();
vtkUnstructuredGrid *GetBladeOutput();
// Description:
// The following methods allow selective reading of solutions fields.
// By default, ALL data fields on the nodes are read, but this can
// be modified.
int GetNumberOfPointArrays();
const char* GetPointArrayName(int index);
int GetPointArrayStatus(const char* name);
void SetPointArrayStatus(const char* name, int status);
void DisableAllPointArrays();
void EnableAllPointArrays();
char* Filename; // Base file name
FILE* FilePtr; // Open file pointer
int Rank; // Number of this processor
int TotalRank; // Number of processors
// Extent information
vtkIdType NumberOfTuples; // Number of tuples in subextent
int WholeExtent[6]; // Extents of entire grid
int SubExtent[6]; // Processor grid extent
int UpdateExtent[6];
int Dimension[3]; // Size of entire grid
int SubDimension[3]; // Size of processor grid
float Step[3]; // Spacing delta
int UseTopographyFile; // Topography or flat
vtkStdString TopographyFile; // Name of topography data file
vtkPoints* Points; // Structured grid geometry
vtkPoints* BPoints; // Unstructured grid geometry
int SetSpacing; // Set spacing once
float Compression; // Stretching at Z surface [0,1]
float Fit; // Cubic or quadratic [0,1]
// Variable information
int NumberOfFileVariables; // Number of variables in data file
int NumberOfDerivedVariables; // Number of variables derived from file
int NumberOfVariables; // Number of variables to display
vtkStringArray* DivideVariables; // Divide data by density at read
vtkStdString* VariableName; // Names of each variable
int* VariableStruct; // SCALAR or VECTOR
int* VariableCompSize; // Number of components
int* VariableBasicType; // FLOAT or INTEGER
int* VariableByteCount; // Number of bytes in basic type
long int* VariableOffset; // Offset into data file
int BlockSize; // Size of every data block
vtkFloatArray** data; // Actual data arrays
vtkStdString RootDirectory; // Directory where the .wind file is.
vtkStdString DataDirectory; // Location of actual data
vtkStdString DataBaseName; // Base name of files
// Time step information
int NumberOfTimeSteps; // Number of time steps
int TimeStepFirst; // First time step
int TimeStepLast; // Last time step
int TimeStepDelta; // Delta on time steps
double* TimeSteps; // Actual times available for request
// Turbine information
int NumberOfBladeTowers; // Number of turbines
int NumberOfBladePoints; // Points for drawing parts of blades
int NumberOfBladeCells; // Turbines * Blades * Parts
vtkFloatArray* XPosition; // Location of tower
vtkFloatArray* YPosition; // Location of tower
vtkFloatArray* HubHeight; // Height of tower
vtkIntArray* BladeCount; // Number of blades per tower
int UseTurbineFile; // Turbine data available
vtkStdString TurbineDirectory; // Turbine unstructured data
vtkStdString TurbineTowerName; // Name of tower file
vtkStdString TurbineBladeName; // Base name of time series blade data
int RequestDataLoop; // Hack to deal with two output ports
// Selected field of interest
vtkDataArraySelection* PointDataArraySelection;
// Observer to modify this object when array selections are modified
vtkCallbackCommand* SelectionObserver;
// Controlls initializing and querrying MPI
vtkMultiProcessController * MPIController;
// Read the header file describing the dataset
void ReadGlobalData();
void ReadDataVariables(ifstream& inStr);
void FindVariableOffsets();
// Turbine methods
void SetupBladeData();
void LoadBladeData(int timeStep);
// Calculate the coordinates
void CreateCoordinates();
void CreateZTopography(float* zdata);
float GDeform(float sigma, float sigmaMax, int flag);
void spline(float* x, float* y, int n, float yp1, float ypn, float* y2);
void splint(float* xa, float* ya, float* y2a, int n, float x, float* y, int);
// Load a variable from data file
void LoadVariableData(int var);
// Variables which must be divided by density after being read from file
void DivideByDensity(const char* name);
// Calculate derived variables
void CalculateVorticity(int vort, int uvw, int density);
void CalculatePressure(int pres, int prespre, int tempg, int density);
virtual int RequestData(
vtkInformation* request,
vtkInformationVector** inputVector,
vtkInformationVector* outputVector);
virtual int RequestInformation(
vtkInformation* request,
vtkInformationVector** inputVector,
vtkInformationVector* outputVector);
virtual int RequestUpdateExtent(
vtkInformation* request,
vtkInformationVector** inputVector,
vtkInformationVector* outputVector);
static void SelectionCallback(
vtkObject *caller,
unsigned long eid,
void *clientdata,
void *calldata);
static void EventCallback(
vtkObject* caller,
unsigned long eid,
void* clientdata, void* calldata);
virtual int FillOutputPortInformation(int, vtkInformation*);
vtkWindBladeReader(const vtkWindBladeReader&); // Not implemented.
void operator=(const vtkWindBladeReader&); // Not implemented.
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