Commit 057462bf authored by David Gobbi's avatar David Gobbi

Update the vtkDICOM remote module to 0.7.9.

Changes since 0.7.8:
- Update dictionary using 2016c Part 6.
- Update private dictionaries from dicom3tools.
- Automatically perform YBR to RGB conversion in reader.
- Add a ShowHidden option to vtkDICOMDirectory.
- Move UID generation into its own class.
- Make dicomfind {} substitution more flexible.
- Allow adding to the directory input file names.
- Change the brace style to non-indented.
- Change all header documentation to doxygen.

Bug fixes since 0.7.8:
- Fix broken SetInputFileName() method of FileSorter.
- If duplicate instances are found, split into different series.
- Made the IsDICOMFile() check more lenient.
- Use UID, not Instance, to find duplicates in vtkDICOMFileSorter.
- Skip localizers at the beginning of a series.
- Do not reject unrecognized VRs that include a 'space' character.
- Check for repeated filenames when building vtkDICOMDirectory.
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......@@ -5,6 +5,6 @@
"Dicom classes and utilities"
# vtk-dicom tag v0.7.8 (May 27, 2016)
GIT_TAG b21075408c74ef8a2211ed7b51bc9de85e2238c1
# vtk-dicom tag v0.7.9 (Sep 12, 2016)
GIT_TAG f1e78955a98c5d66cbe16a0e649c59a66d57ac59
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