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    vtkGhostCellsGenerator: exchanging ghost values at interfaces · 2ca2949a
    Yohann Bearzi authored
    As reported by paraview/paraview#21347, point values were not shared
    at the interface. It isn't in general a problem as points are supposed
    to have the same values. It becomes a problem when one wants to keep
    track of who is the owner of a ghost point at the interface by sharing a
    process id array, for instance.
    Given a point belonging to multiple partitions in the input, the
    partition of lowest id in the DIY environment is set to be the owner of
    this point. Blocks don't send interfaces to the blocks of lower id, but
    receives them from the latter.
    Making the ghost cells generator function in this instance required
    those few changes:
    * There is no more a shallow-copy when requesting zero layers of ghosts
    on the PointData, as the point data array of the input is written over.
    The CellData and the geometry are still shallow-copied.
    * Computing the point ids to share needed reworked. Now, the owner of
    the points at the interface sends them as we...