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    Multiple improvements to LPT · aa5a477d
    Mathieu Westphal authored
    * Removed vtkLagrangianBasicIntegrationModel->SharedWeights vector as the weights are all on the vtkLagrangianThreadedData class now. Instead I use just an int to count the size needed.
    * All overloaded instances of FindInLocators use weights on the ThreadedData and should all be thread safe.
    * vtkLagrangianThreadedData stores the LastDataSetIndex as an int rather than pointers to the dataset and locator.
    * Modified InitializeThreadedData & FinalizeThreadedData on the IntegerationModel to allocate and delete vtkLagrangianThreadedData.
    * Removed the void UserData on vtkLagrangianThreadedData as its not needed.
    * Removed all useless CellLenght computation mode