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    Add more OpenGL2 modules to Rendering group · 11fbec70
    David Gobbi authored
    The RenderingVolumeOpenGL2 module was in the Rendering group,
    but not RenderingContextOpenGL2 or DomainsChemistryOpenGL2.
    As a result, the latter two modules were not part of the
    default build, even though they implement the backends for
    modules that are part of the default build (DomainsChemistry,
    RenderingContext2D, Charts, etc).
    The fact that the VTK Python wheels provided modules without
    backends has caused trouble for several users.
    The RenderingOpenGL2 module itself was not part of the Rendering
    group, either, but seems to have been brought in as a dependency
    of RenderingVolumeOpenGL2.