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    Add in depth peeling pass and a couple other passes · 925f5066
    Ken Martin authored
    Convert depth peeling render pass to the OpenGL2 backend.
    Also add a new class that encapsulates the basic rendering
    steps that VTK uses.
    Modify the renderer to use the depth peeling pass instead of
    having two copies of the code lying around. Removed the depth
    peeling code from Mapper2D as it is no longer needed now that we
    have CopyToFrameBuffer working. That is a lighter weight way to
    get a quad up on the screen. Plus that keeps the depth peeling
    code more localized as it should be. Clean up a lot of depth
    peeling code that was in the renderer and now there are cleaner
    ways of doing it (passing information keys).
    Change-Id: I8d0a53bb25920bd30eade49ed12126b9b44be358
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