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    Improve OpenVR/OpenXR module and test and enable OpenXR in CI · bddd94ef
    Mathieu Westphal (Kitware) authored
    - Enable OpenXR in fedora standard CI
    - Introduce new OpenXR/OpenVR tests and CMake options to control which test to run
    - Only instanciation tests are run in CI for now, rendering tests are not run in CI yet.
    - Rendering test do not require to set HMD position as they render a sphere which looks the same from wherever
    - Fix action .json files location in build and install so it can be used in tests
    - Fix multiples issues with Initialize/Finalize code
    - Fix issues with Render method virtual logic
    - Add baselines for index, mixed reality and monado (openxr only)
    - Tested with ParaView XRInterface plugin manually