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    refactor vtkChartXYZ · 7ef9d7a4
    Zack Galbreath authored
    It now follows the API of the 2D charts more closely.  vtkChartXYZ is
    responsible for the axes, while the subclasses of vtkPlot3D handle
    displaying the actual data.  As part of this effort, I've included
    optional interactivity into vtkChartXYZ.  This eliminates the need for a
    separate vtkInteractiveChartXYZ class.
    This change also introduces new functionality.  vtkPlotSurface allows us
    to visualize a table as a 3D surface plot.
    I've updated vtkScatterPlotMatrix so that it correctly uses the new API
    of vtkChartXYZ for animation.
    All affected tests were updated as well.
    Change-Id: Ic8406c99758a98851949c6153129f7704784e31a
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