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    vtkXMLMultiBlockDataReader: fix when reading nested multipiece datasets · 5b502262
    Cory Quammen authored
    When a vtkMultiBlockDataSet contains a vtkMultiPieceDataSet,
    vtkXMLPMultiBlockDataWriter will split each piece into another
    vtkMultiPieceDataSet. As a result, the written XML data file will
    contain nested "Piece" elements. Since vtkMultiPieceDataSets are not
    hierarchical, this dataset cannot be recreated as described.
    To fix, have the reader replace the top-level vtkMultiPieceDataSet
    with a vtkMultiBlockDataSet instead when nested Piece elements are
    Modified test to exercise writing out a vtkMultiPieceDataSet block and
    read it back in.