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    let ray tracers respect server side widget visibility · b8c7929c
    David E. DeMarle authored
    In paraview client server mode with server side rendering
    widgets can not be hidden with Ray Tracing enabled. The underlying
    problem is that vtkSceneGraph deals with a select few vtkProp
    child classes (Volumes and Mappers mostly). WidgetRepresentations
    in particular were intentionally avoided in the first OSPRay project
    and have not been revisited.
    Widgets mostly work depite that, because Representations add their
    internal Actors to the scene. What doesn't work is that
    the containing Representation never gets a chance to control
    the children without the accompanying Widget instance, which is not
    present on the server side.
    This change fixes this widget, but a proper fix will be to do
    something like add WidgetRepresentation to SceneGraph.
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