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    Update the vtkDICOM remote module to 0.7.9. · 057462bf
    David Gobbi authored
    Changes since 0.7.8:
    - Update dictionary using 2016c Part 6.
    - Update private dictionaries from dicom3tools.
    - Automatically perform YBR to RGB conversion in reader.
    - Add a ShowHidden option to vtkDICOMDirectory.
    - Move UID generation into its own class.
    - Make dicomfind {} substitution more flexible.
    - Allow adding to the directory input file names.
    - Change the brace style to non-indented.
    - Change all header documentation to doxygen.
    Bug fixes since 0.7.8:
    - Fix broken SetInputFileName() method of FileSorter.
    - If duplicate instances are found, split into different series.
    - Made the IsDICOMFile() check more lenient.
    - Use UID, not Instance, to find duplicates in vtkDICOMFileSorter.
    - Skip localizers at the beginning of a series.
    - Do not reject unrecognized VRs that include a 'space' character.
    - Check for repeated filenames when building vtkDICOMDirectory.
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