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    Add poly LOD writing to vtkJSONSceneExporter · 0a0771a4
    Patrick Avery authored
    This adds options to write polyLODs in a series of decreasing
    resolution directories. The directories do not get zipped here, but
    are intended to be zipped in subclasses, including the vtkPVWebExporter
    in ParaView. The zipped files are intended to be uploaded to the web,
    and with some new additions to VTK.js, they will be downloaded one at
    a time, which has the effect of increasing the resolution of the polydata
    in VTK.js over time.
    For the quadric clustering, the initial guess for the number of
    divisions may be improved upon, as well as some of the math involved.
    The goal is for each directory to be roughly 1/4 the size of the
    previous one, but it is not always straightforward to do when using the
    vtkQuadricClustering filter.
    Signed-off-by: Patrick Avery's avatarPatrick Avery <patrick.avery@kitware.com>