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      Remove some commented out code · 4659d69c
      Kenneth Moreland authored
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      Suppress CUDA warning about device calling host · aec75ab1
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The destructors of some control side objects (such as CellSet and
      ArrayHandle) are defined. These destructors are obviously only compiled
      for the control environment (i.e. for CUDA only for the host). However,
      not all of the subclasses implemented their own destructors. In CUDA,
      when a default destructor is used, it is compiled for both host and
      device. This caused a problem as the superclass's destructor was only
      compiled for the host and therefore caused a warning.
      Fixed the problem by defining an empty destructor to any subclasses that
      needed one.
      It's weird that I ran into this problem while chaning the List TMP
      class, but the solution seems fine.
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      code cleanup. · ef2b9783
      Dave Pugmire authored
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      compiler warning. · 81a65541
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