Merge branch 'release_1.5.1' into empty-merge-1.5.1

* release_1.5.1:
  1.5.1 is a bugfix release for VTK-m.
  Add release notes for v1.5.1
  add Particle.h and Deprecated.h to the installed headers
  3b7b21c8 Do not use std::is_trivially_copyable on GCC 4.X
  Variant as trivially copyable
  07b55a95 Fix MSVC flags for CUDA builds.
  033dfe55 Only workaround incorrect GCC behavior for OpenMP on GCC
  Correct warnings found by gcc-9 in vtkm::Particle
  83d4d4e4 ArrayPortalToIterators now compiles with GCC-4.X
  b6b20f08 Use brigand integer sequences on icc.
  f89672b7 UnitTestFetchArrayTopologyMapIn now compiles with VS2015
  fb01d38a Disable deprecated attribute when using nvcc under VS
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