1. 21 Oct, 2021 3 commits
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      1.7.0-rc1 is our 9th official release of VTK-m. · 9f7ac3a7
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      The major changes to VTK-m from (1.6.0) can be found in:
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      Add release notes for 1.7.0-rc1 · 9ae4a3ed
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      Merge commit '04c43e4c' into update-to-v1.7.0-rc1 · 199dcc1f
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      * commit '04c43e4c': (376 commits)
        Batch line and text annotations for View1D
        Update code to follow styling and worklet invoker guidelines
        CI: move from only to rules
        CI: fix dependencies in CI jobs
        CI: adjust parallel param hip build
        Adding changelog for cell centered velocities
        added changelog
        Removing unnecessary header
        Updating particle advection filters to use field associativity
        minor fix
        make most of the vtkm_io library not DEVICE_SOURCE
        fixed single/double precision converstion
        add include sstream and see if it clears the dashboard
        remove comment about DeviceAdapter.h
        include DeviceAdapter.h in StorageVirtual.h
        CI: add HIP builing build
        add missing #include
        decouple Timer.h from device compiler
        do not use device compiler to compile source unit tests
        Fix dropped UnknownArrayHandle symbols
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