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# CDash files.
- build/DartConfiguration.tcl
expire_in: 1d
# Tests failing should still upload the artifact for further testing.
when: always
# Debugging logs
- build/Testing/Temporary/Last*.log
expire_in: 4d
......@@ -27,6 +27,22 @@ To obtain the superbuild source locally, clone this repository using
The superbuild can be built with a Makefiles or Ninja CMake generator. The IDE
generators (Xcode and Visual Studio) are not supported.
## Requirements
The superbuild tries to provide all of its own dependencies, but some tooling
is assumed to be available on the host machine.
- Compiler toolchain
* GCC 4.9 or newer
* Xcode 10 or newer (older is probably supported, but untested)
* MSVC 2017 or newer
* ICC (minimum version unknown)
- Tools
* `pkg-config` is used on non-Windows platforms to find dependencies in
some projects
* `ninja` (or `make`) for building
* Python (if not built by the superbuild) for building packages
## Building a specific version
The superbuild project uses the same versioning scheme as ParaView,
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