Commit de524cbf authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel
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index: add a script which extracts IndeX tarball drops

parent d6b7cb20
set -e
set -x
usage () {
echo "Usage: $0 <version> <index tarball> [count]" >&2
exit 0
readonly version="$1"
shift || usage
readonly tarball="$1"
shift || usage
if [ -n "$1" ]; then
readonly count_suffix
readonly dirname="$( basename "$tarball" ".tgz" )"
readonly date="$( date "+%Y%m%d" )"
tar xf "$tarball"
cd "$dirname"
readonly dirprefix="nvidia-index-libs-$version.$date$count_suffix"
readonly linux_dir="$dirprefix-linux"
readonly windows_dir="$dirprefix-windows-x64"
mkdir "$linux_dir" "$windows_dir"
mv "linux-x86-64/lib" "$linux_dir/"
mv "nt-x86-64/lib" "$windows_dir/"
cp EULA.pdf license.txt README.txt "$linux_dir/"
cp EULA.pdf license.txt README.txt "$windows_dir/"
chmod -R a+rX "$linux_dir" "$windows_dir"
tar cjf "../$linux_dir.tar.bz2" "$linux_dir"
tar cjf "../$windows_dir.tar.bz2" "$windows_dir"
rm -rf "$dirname"
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