Commit d29f3084 authored by Scott Wittenburg's avatar Scott Wittenburg Committed by Ben Boeckel
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Update paraviewweb test so it can work again

parent 7b53d9a8
from paraview.web import wamp, protocols, pv_web_visualizer
from vtk.web import server
from paraview.web import test_server
from wslink import server
# Configure our current application
pv_web_visualizer._VisualizerServer.authKey = 'paraviewweb-secret'
pv_web_visualizer._VisualizerServer.dataDir = '.'
test_server._TestServer.authKey = 'paraviewweb-secret'
test_server._TestServer.dataDir = '.'
# Setup static args
class TestArgs:
......@@ -41,5 +41,6 @@ args.lp = 'lp'
args.nows = False
args.nolp = False
args.nobws = False
args.fsEndpoints = ''
# Start server
server.start_webserver(options=args, protocol=pv_web_visualizer._VisualizerServer)
server.start_webserver(options=args, protocol=test_server._TestServer)
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