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Adding option on whether or not to initialize MPI for PV clients

parent 3dfa23e4
......@@ -256,6 +256,14 @@ The following flags affect ParaView directly:
its HTML documentation.
* `mesa_USE_SWR` (default `ON`): If `mesa` is enabled, this enables
Intel's software rasterization backend (x86 only).
* `PARAVIEW_INITIALIZE_MPI_ON_CLIENT` (default `ON`): If `mpi` is enabled, this
enables MPI to be initialized automatically when running the GUI or pvpython.
Some readers use MPI IO and thus must have MPI initialized in order to be
used so this is the default for general ease of use. For some MPI implementations,
a code that initializes MPI must be run with the appropriate mpi launcher
(e.g. mpirun) which in this case it may be desirable to disable this option.
Note that the `--mpi` or `--no-mpi` command line options to paraview and
pvpython can be used to override this option.
The following flags affect Catalyst:
......@@ -115,6 +115,16 @@ if (expat_ENABLED)
list(APPEND paraviews_platform_dependencies expat)
endif ()
"Initialize MPI on client-processes by default. Can be overridden using command line arguments" ON
"mpi_enabled" OFF)
if (mpi_enabled)
list(APPEND paraview_extra_cmake_options
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