Commit 4e1e0c4d authored by Chuck Atkins's avatar Chuck Atkins
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Update host python build to 2.7.11

parent baf249af
...@@ -94,8 +94,8 @@ elseif (CROSS_BUILD_STAGE STREQUAL "CROSS") ...@@ -94,8 +94,8 @@ elseif (CROSS_BUILD_STAGE STREQUAL "CROSS")
URL_MD5 "48121a265837f825b1136ca8cf9bc4cd") URL_MD5 "48121a265837f825b1136ca8cf9bc4cd")
else() else()
add_revision(python add_revision(python
URL "" URL ""
URL_MD5 "0ddfe265f1b3d0a8c2459f5bf66894c7") URL_MD5 "6b6076ec9e93f05dd63e47eb9c15728b")
endif() endif()
add_revision(numpy add_revision(numpy
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