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    • Christopher Chavez's avatar
      ProcessUNIX.c: fix select(), FD_SETSIZE on macOS · 5a33629f
      Christopher Chavez authored
      On macOS (reportedly for 10.5 and later), if _DARWIN_UNLIMITED_SELECT is
      not defined, then the select() call in kwsysProcessWaitForPipe() fails
      with EINVAL when (max + 1) > 1024. And, by default, FD_SETSIZE is 1024;
      passing file descriptors not less than FD_SETSIZE to FD_CLR(), FD_SET(),
      and FD_ISSET() causes out-of-bounds accesses, at least for an fd_set
      allocated on the heap (as is the case for cp->PipeSet, allocated by
      kwsysProcess_New(); one observed effect of this is corruption of the
      "Invalid argument" error message copied from strerror(errno) into
      cp->ErrorMessage, since cp->ErrorMessage is located shortly after
      cp->PipeSet). Defining _DARWIN_UNLIMITED_SELECT and defining FD_SETSIZE
      to OPEN_MAX (10240) avoids these issues.
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    • Clemens Wasser's avatar
      Glob: Optimize directory/symlink checks on Windows · d4c5ed92
      Clemens Wasser authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      Use data saved by `Directory` traversal to avoid repeating work.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Directory: Replace FileData with methods accepting file index · 4b552447
      Brad King authored
      The internal calls to `SystemTools::FileIs{Directory,Symlink}` added by
      commit 7573b0fd (Directory: Add Is{Directory,Symlink} to FileData,
      2022-01-11) pass only the file name, which will be interpreted relative
      to the current working directory rather than the `Directory` path.
      We need to use the absolute path instead.  Rather than trying to
      make this available in the `FileData` structure, provide access to
      the information through methods accepting the file index.
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    • Jessica Clarke's avatar
      SystemInformation: Change GetRealAddress to return a size_t · ebfb5cdb
      Jessica Clarke authored
      The return value is not a real pointer, but an integer representing the
      offset of the symbol within the loaded binary/library (possibly
      including a load base). On CHERI, and thus Arm's Morello prototype,
      pointers are not just integers but are unforgeable hardware capabilities
      that contain additional metadata (including bounds and permissions) to
      provide fine-grained spatial safety. Casting a plain integer (in this
      case, a ptrdiff_t) to a void * gives a warning that we normally make
      fatal, as due to the unforgeability of capabilities it will not be a
      valid pointer, trapping on dereference. Whilst there are ways to squash
      this warning (typically by casting via (u)intptr_t), they are not
      appropriate here, since the return value does not need to be a void *,
      and are normally only needed for reusing void *-taking interfaces with a
      plain integer (e.g. pthread_create's void * argument). Thus change the
      return type to be size_t to represent that this is the non-negative
      integer offset of the address from the base address.
      Note that, other than the dummy call in the constructor that throws away
      the result, this member function is unused.
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    • Brad King's avatar
      SystemTools: Simplify FileIsExecutable on Windows · f5b3500f
      Brad King authored
      Revert commit 41700ca4 (SystemTools: Fix FileIsExecutable on Windows,
      2020-04-09).  The purpose of that change was to avoid treating the path
      `%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\python.exe` as an
      executable because it might point at an application installer instead of
      a working Python.  Since commit 29f31d17 (SystemTools: Add Windows app
      exec alias support to FileExists(), 2021-10-22), the implementation
      using `FileExists` will find it anyway.  Client (e.g. CMake) will need
      another way to avoid using that python app link incorrectly.
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