Commit c2420a42 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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SystemTools: Revert "CopyFileIfDifferent: Ensure that source is a file"

The change in commit 573713fa (SystemTools: CopyFileIfDifferent: Ensure
that source is a file, 2020-02-11) breaks existing behavior w.r.t.
symbolic links.  Revert it pending further investigation.
parent 573713fa
......@@ -2182,10 +2182,6 @@ static std::string FileInDir(const std::string& source, const std::string& dir)
bool SystemTools::CopyFileIfDifferent(const std::string& source,
const std::string& destination)
if (SystemTools::FileIsDirectory(source)) {
return false;
// special check for a destination that is a directory
// FilesDiffer does not handle file to directory compare
if (SystemTools::FileIsDirectory(destination)) {
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