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Commit 535633fa authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel
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clang-tidy: address `readability-isolate-declaration` lint

parent 83b20b65
......@@ -1879,7 +1879,8 @@ static void kwsysProcessDestroy(kwsysProcess* cp)
int i;
/* Temporarily disable signals that access ForkPIDs. We don't want them to
read a reaped PID, and writes to ForkPIDs are not atomic. */
sigset_t mask, old_mask;
sigset_t mask;
sigset_t old_mask;
sigaddset(&mask, SIGINT);
sigaddset(&mask, SIGTERM);
......@@ -2567,7 +2568,8 @@ static void kwsysProcessKill(pid_t process_id)
/* Make sure the process started and provided a valid header. */
if (ps && fscanf(ps, "%*[^\n]\n") != EOF) {
/* Look for processes whose parent is the process being killed. */
int pid, ppid;
int pid;
int ppid;
while (fscanf(ps, KWSYSPE_PS_FORMAT, &pid, &ppid) == 2) {
if (ppid == process_id) {
/* Recursively kill this child and its children. */
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