Commit b3426ad8 authored by Aron Helser's avatar Aron Helser Committed by Ben Boeckel

update-common: support Windows

Git always pops a browser on Windows; assume that Git is new enough to
require the flag on Windows.
parent 6032421a
......@@ -163,10 +163,12 @@ popd
if [ -n "$basehash" ]; then
git merge --log -s recursive "-Xsubtree=$subtree/" --no-commit "upstream-$name"
# Note: on Windows this will likely fail. Edit the script to skip the check
# and use the flag.
# Note: on Windows 'git merge' will open a browser, and the check will fail,
# so use the flag by default.
if git merge --help | grep -q -e allow-unrelated-histories; then
if git --version | grep -q windows; then
unrelated_histories_flag="--allow-unrelated-histories "
elif git merge --help | grep -q -e allow-unrelated-histories; then
unrelated_histories_flag="--allow-unrelated-histories "
readonly unrelated_histories_flag
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