Commit 54a2930a authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King 💬 Committed by Ben Boeckel

update-common: Improve update script default merge message behavior

Add a log of the merged update to the commit message.  Also suppress the
commit message editor by default.  Users can always `git commit --amend`
to update it.
parent 39583a87
......@@ -122,11 +122,11 @@ popd
# Merge the subset into this repository
if [ -n "$basehash" ]; then
git merge -s recursive "-Xsubtree=$subtree/" --no-commit "upstream-$name"
git merge --log -s recursive "-Xsubtree=$subtree/" --no-commit "upstream-$name"
git fetch "$extractdir" "upstream-$name:upstream-$name"
git merge -s ours --no-commit "upstream-$name"
git merge --log -s ours --no-commit "upstream-$name"
git read-tree -u --prefix="$subtree/" "upstream-$name"
git commit
git commit --no-edit
git branch -d "upstream-$name"
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