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      Merge branch 'warnings-streamline-example' into 'master' · 034d5648
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Fix streamline example warnings
      See merge request !278
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      Fix initialization order of fields in MakeStreamLines class · a598f03f
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      When a C++ object is constructed, the fields (ivars) of that object are
      initialized in the order they are declared in the structure regardless
      of the order of initializers listed in the constructor. Thus, it is good
      C++ convention to list the initializers of the constructor in the same
      order they are declared in the class so that there is no confusion about
      the order of initialization (which can matter if there are any
      dependencies). To help enforce this convention, some compilers warn if
      the order does not match. This commit fixes that issue.
      This commit also removes trailing whitespace at the end of some lines in
      StreamLineUniformGrid.h. My editor does this automatically because
      trailing whitespace bugs some programmers.
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      Fix conversion warnings in streamline example. · 0d0294d4
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      vtkm::Id is a signed integer whereas size_t used by standard C++
      functions is unsigned. It doesn't matter, but compilers like to complain
      about it. Make any such conversions explicit.
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