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    Add ability to "allocate" implicit storage · e62091a6
    Kenneth Moreland authored
    Previously, it was not possible to call Allocate or Shrink on an
    implicit storage. The reason for this is that the implicit storage does
    not represent any real memory and any attempt to modify it is wrong.
    However, there are some rare cases where ArrayHandle will attempt to
    "allocate" the storage even when behaving in a read-only manner. The use
    case this is being created for is when an ArrayHandleImplicit first
    calls ReleaseResources and then calls ReleaseResourcesExecution (or
    anything else that tries to get a control-side portal). In this case,
    the ReleaseResources makes the control side portal invalid and the
    ReleaseResourcesExecution attempts to make it valid again by allocating
    the storage to size 0. This change solves the problem by allowing the
    implicit storage to be "allocated" to something smaller than originally
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