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......@@ -332,6 +332,15 @@ Deprecated and Removed Features
Other Changes
* If a feature specified by :command:`target_compile_features` is available
in the compiler's default standard level, CMake 3.14 and below incorrectly
added unnecessary ``-std=`` flags that could lower the standard level.
This bug has been fixed in CMake 3.15. This behavior change may expose
bugs in existing projects that were relying on undocumented implementation
details. Specifying compile features only ensures that the compiler runs
in a mode that has those features, not that any specific standard level is
used or explicit ``-std=`` flag passed.
* CMake learned how to compile C++14 with the IBM AIX XL compiler
and the SunPro compiler and to compile C++20 with the AppleClang compiler.
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