Commit cd449c61 authored by Chuck Atkins's avatar Chuck Atkins
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FindMPI: Add the pgi compiler wrapper names used by IBM Spectrum MPI

parent 4c82f309
......@@ -298,9 +298,9 @@ else()
# PGI compiler names
set(_MPI_PGI_C_COMPILER_NAMES mpipgcc mppgcc)
set(_MPI_PGI_Fortran_COMPILER_NAMES mpipgf95 mpipgf90 mppgf95 mppgf90 mpipgf77 mppgf77)
set(_MPI_PGI_C_COMPILER_NAMES mpipgicc mpipgcc mppgcc)
set(_MPI_PGI_CXX_COMPILER_NAMES mpipgic++ mpipgCC mppgCC)
set(_MPI_PGI_Fortran_COMPILER_NAMES mpipgifort mpipgf95 mpipgf90 mppgf95 mppgf90 mpipgf77 mppgf77)
# XLC MPI Compiler names
set(_MPI_XL_C_COMPILER_NAMES mpxlc mpxlc_r mpixlc mpixlc_r)
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