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Help: Add 3.16.9 release note about AUTOMOC_PATH_PREFIX default change

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......@@ -178,17 +178,15 @@ Modules
* When using :prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC`, CMake now generates the ``-p`` path prefix
* When using :prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC`, the new :variable:`CMAKE_AUTOMOC_PATH_PREFIX`
variable or :prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC_PATH_PREFIX` target property may be enabled
to generate the ``-p`` path prefix
option for ``moc``. This ensures that ``moc`` output files are identical
on different build setups (given, that the headers compiled by ``moc`` are
in an :command:`include directory <target_include_directories>`).
Also it ensures that ``moc`` output files will compile correctly when the
source and/or build directory is a symbolic link.
The ``moc`` path prefix generation behavior can be configured by setting
the new :variable:`CMAKE_AUTOMOC_PATH_PREFIX` variable and/or
:prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC_PATH_PREFIX` target property.
......@@ -316,3 +314,11 @@ Changes made since CMake 3.16.0 include the following.
:prop_tgt:`INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES` target properties.
Previously they would be places in ``*_CFLAGS_OTHER`` variables and
:prop_tgt:`INTERFACE_COMPILE_OPTIONS` target properties.
* The default value of :variable:`CMAKE_AUTOMOC_PATH_PREFIX` was changed to
``OFF`` because this feature can break existing projects that have
identically named header files in different include directories.
This restores compatibility with behavior of CMake 3.15 and below.
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