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Help: Add 3.16.7 release note for FindPkgConfig '-isystem' fix

Add a release note for the change in commit 4d446c68 (FindPkgConfig:
also handle "-isystem" prefixes for include directories, 2020-04-30).
parent b1a3131c
......@@ -310,3 +310,9 @@ Changes made since CMake 3.16.0 include the following.
* Selection of the Objective C or C++ compiler now considers the
:envvar:`CC` or :envvar:`CXX` environment variable if the
:envvar:`OBJC` or :envvar:`OBJCXX` environment variable is not set.
* The :module:`FindPkgConfig` module now extracts include directories
prefixed with ``-isystem`` into the ``*_INCLUDE_DIRS`` variables and
:prop_tgt:`INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES` target properties.
Previously they would be places in ``*_CFLAGS_OTHER`` variables and
:prop_tgt:`INTERFACE_COMPILE_OPTIONS` target properties.
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