Commit b4c944c3 authored by T.J. Corona's avatar T.J. Corona

WIP: example for deprecating methods using C++14's deprecated attribute

parent 06249e16
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......@@ -220,10 +220,14 @@ public:
T associatedObjects() const;
bool associate(smtk::resource::PersistentObjectPtr obj);
[[deprecated("This method implicitly requires an associated model resource")]]
bool associateEntity(const smtk::common::UUID& entity);
bool associateEntity(const smtk::model::EntityRef& entity);
void disassociateEntity(const smtk::common::UUID& entity, bool reverse = true);
void disassociateEntity(const smtk::model::EntityRef& entity, bool reverse = true);
/// Disassociate attribute from an object. Returns true if successful, else
/// it will set probAtt to attribute using this as a prerequisite
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