Commit f7b5c339 authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel

cmb: set the default CMB version based on the source selection

parent c8fac2ad
......@@ -7,7 +7,22 @@ list(INSERT CMAKE_MODULE_PATH 0
macro (superbuild_setup_variables)
superbuild_set_version_variables(cmb "4.2.0" "cmb-version.cmake" "version.txt")
# Assuming master; just use the latest version, but let the user set their
# own version in case it is actually a branch from some other version.
set(CMB_VERSION_DEFAULT "5.0.0-develop"
CACHE STRING "The default version of CMB to use if it cannot be detected")
set(cmb_default_version "${CMB_VERSION_DEFAULT}")
elseif (cmb_SOURCE_SELECTION STREQUAL "source")
# If it is a git repo, we'll get it that way, otherwise we will look at the
# `version.txt` in the checkout.
set(cmb_default_version "")
else ()
# The selection is the version number; use it.
set(cmb_default_version "${cmb_SOURCE_SELECTION}")
superbuild_set_version_variables(cmb "${cmb_default_version}" "cmb-version.cmake" "version.txt")
set(cmb_version "${cmb_version_major}.${cmb_version_minor}")
superbuild_set_version_variables(paraview "5.4.0-RC3" "paraview-version.cmake" "version.txt")
set(paraview_version "${paraview_version_major}.${paraview_version_minor}")
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