Commit f7a0992a authored by T.J. Corona's avatar T.J. Corona

Update remus to latest master

This commit updates remus, which updates remus' thirdparty submodule
list. kwStat has been removed and kwsys is now pulled from Kitware's
gitlab site.
parent f4265e0b
Pipeline #70902 failed with stage
......@@ -82,10 +82,10 @@ superbuild_set_revision(zeromq
URL ""
URL_MD5 26790786e01a1732a8acf723b99712ba)
# Use remus from Fri Aug 25 20:48:51 2017 +0000
# Use remus from Fri Sep 1 15:56:16 2017 +0000
GIT_TAG eb59f14e3405975760ea113679b3ee0c24bc4041)
GIT_TAG 85355887b0da9d8b81bf1de999ba3a0f3ea7eb80)
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